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VÈRB Williams (Spoken Word Artist)

About VÈRB Williams

VÈRB Williams is an award-winning poet committed to self-fulfillment and cultural responsibility. He was nominated “Best Up & Coming Poet” in Georgia, has shared the stage with legends in the spoken word & poetry arenas, and has hosted or acted in massive events. VÈRB has also released audio projects, traveled with a band, and toured the country with his poetry. His poetry built a platform for him to put on a festival to fundraise for his company’s start up. VÈRB Williams is the CEO of VERBatto Entertainment Solutions, a performance art & event planning company. The mission is to be a catalyst creating opportunities to empower the teenage, ex-offender, and homeless communities. VÈRB Williams is a workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, performance coach, event host, event planner, entrepreneur & mentor. Known for his charismatic insight through passion filled performances, VÉRB has built a reputation for electrifying empowerment. You can experience this wonder by visiting www.VERBW.com. To be updated regularly, text “@VERBWx” to 81010 and follow his performance feed, #SpokenVERB, on your social media platforms. "AMBIVALENCE: A Collection of Poems” is an anthology composed of a play, prose, proverbs, and a hundred diverse poems working together to investigate the polarities wedged into our social existence. This collection was created to engage, provoke, and inspire the reader. Some poems attempt to reconcile. Some poems ridicule. Some poems simply relish in the spectrum of polarity. The overarching objective is to highlight how extremes are flawed measurements of humanity. That we are meant to be fluid. This is a diverse assortment of almost a hundred poems running the gamut of my beginnings as a poet into the polishing process of my artistry. I discovered the power of investigative expression through the very poems I’ve included here for you. It is my hope that you thoroughly enjoy this collection. Know that these poems traveled from a special energy to create a rare experience for you. Become inspired to reassess your extremes and dispose of what isn’t constructive to your lifepath. Be reminded of our power to define, our choice to reassess for realignment. Be ambitious with ambivalence… shifting, urgent, and loud. "The College of Dope Ass Writers" is an eclectic assembly of passion driven writers sharpening each other every week in Atlanta, Georgia. Its curated and facilitated by @TheQueenSheba, who suggested we make one of our prompts into a full music video. Who said poets couldn't rap? lol Check this out!! #Atlanta #ATL #Author #Authors #PublishedAuthor #Writer #Poet #Poetry #Poem #poems #poetry #spokenword #apachecafe #atlpoet #atlopenmic #atlpoetry #hiphop #blackexcellence #blackpower #entreprenuer #motivation #empowerment #speaker #love #light #purpose"

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UNDERGROUND APP® is a social media platform that connects fans with undiscovered artist using artificial intelligence. This is done by asking the artist specific questions and building a persona based on these questions. When a fan visits similar questions are asked, based on these questions that fan will be connected with the artist that best match that fans preference. Artists can create profiles, post information, get booked, and interact in real time with fans. UNDERGROUND APP® is tailored to indie filmmakers, comedians, spoken word artists, and musicians. Our main objective is to level the playing field for unsigned artists, so they can connect with current fans and generate new ones. For this reason, UNDERGROUND APP® is only for the undiscovered artist, not for artists already signed by large record labels or studios. In fact, signed artists are not allowed on our platform. In addition, under our Terms of Service, if an artist registered on UNDERGROUND APP® is later signed, they must leave the app. This helps to keep UNDERGROUND APP® purely for undiscovered artists.


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UNDERGROUND APP® was created from the ground up to support the undiscovered arts and entertainment community. This platform empowers you to sell your content to adoring fans during your live performances, and your fans can produce crowdsourced recordings of your performances, which will automatically be transferred to you and available to UNDERGROUND APP® subscribers through the cloud. UNDERGROUND APP® gives you groundbreaking tools to publicize, market, and profit from your talents, as your fanbase flourishes. Watch our animated video to discover why UNDERGROUND APP® is the perfect platform to launch your craft and publicity to the next level.

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