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Isna Tianti (Spoken Word Artist)

About Isna Tianti

Are you desiring a creative, Toastmasters trained professional, who is time conscientious, a motivational activist, an author, spoken word artist who can inspire your audience young & seasoned alike to be their best version of themselves? Look no further! I have over 25+ years of diversified experience. A veteran of the USAF, sought after speaker for conferences, churches, colleges, schools, cruises/festivals, graduations, showers, reunions, fraternity/sorority events & weddings. No speaking engagement too large or small-I am open to share a word of inspiration at them all. Have spoken and shared platforms with Jim Brown's America-I-Can Foundation, Anthony Hamilton, Avery Sunshine, EnVogue, Violinist Brooke Alford, have been featured on Hank Stewart's "IT Factor" The White Linen Affair and have graced the stage with Emmy Winning & Def HBO Def Poets. I have traveled stateside and internationally abroad to grace runways as a model as well to share Spoken Word.

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UNDERGROUND APP® is a social media platform that connects fans with undiscovered artist using artificial intelligence. This is done by asking the artist specific questions and building a persona based on these questions. When a fan visits similar questions are asked, based on these questions that fan will be connected with the artist that best match that fans preference. Artists can create profiles, post information, get booked, and interact in real time with fans. UNDERGROUND APP® is tailored to indie filmmakers, comedians, spoken word artists, and musicians. Our main objective is to level the playing field for unsigned artists, so they can connect with current fans and generate new ones. For this reason, UNDERGROUND APP® is only for the undiscovered artist, not for artists already signed by large record labels or studios. In fact, signed artists are not allowed on our platform. In addition, under our Terms of Service, if an artist registered on UNDERGROUND APP® is later signed, they must leave the app. This helps to keep UNDERGROUND APP® purely for undiscovered artists.


Below is a overview of Underground App. From the feed to the live feature everything is tied together to help undiscovered artist.


The feed will only show posts from artist that best matched the fan's preference using A.I.


Only artist can post on Underground. This allows fans to view only relevant information.

Recommendation Reel

This provides a quick view of the top artists recommended based on the fans preference and location.

Live Features

This feature allows artists to have their profiles, material and social media handles appear on the fans phone while the artist is performing.

Screenshot Gallery

View the screenshots of the login, profile, feed, and recommedation reel. Click on the screen to view it larger.

Dope Features

From posting to using Director we've got you covered. The first row are features for artist while the second row features are for fans.

Locate Fans

Sell Material


Get Booked

Find Artists

Connect Live



Why create a profile?

UNDERGROUND APP® was created from the ground up to support the undiscovered arts and entertainment community. This platform empowers you to sell your content to adoring fans during your live performances, and your fans can produce crowdsourced recordings of your performances, which will automatically be transferred to you and available to UNDERGROUND APP® subscribers through the cloud. UNDERGROUND APP® gives you groundbreaking tools to publicize, market, and profit from your talents, as your fanbase flourishes. Watch our animated video to discover why UNDERGROUND APP® is the perfect platform to launch your craft and publicity to the next level.

Our Pricing Plan

Creating a profile, posting, and connecting with fans is 100% free. For artists that want to use live features (this allows fans to view the artist's profile and social media handles while they are performing) will have a starting cost of $5.99 per month.

Basic Plan


Create a profile, post and connect.



The ability to view an event from multiple angles.