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About Underground App

Underground App makes finding new emerging artists easier than ever with a customized backend algorithm to create perfect matches with artists and fans. "Original creators" (a phrase we give to creators who created content before social media) will love Underground App because it encourages authentic engagement and allows them to excel online and offline while simply sharing their gifts and talents with the world. Emerging filmmakers, comedians, spoken word artists, and musicians will be matched with fans based on interests and location. That method curates more natural connections that generate revenue and exposure for the artists, plus fans get interactions they truly enjoy. The artists are the only ones that will post, and fans can comment and react to what they share. This creates a cleaner and less hectic way to connect with artists.

Artists can post new content and get honest feedback from fans, share personal moments, and express gratitude for the support of shows and new projects. Also with our dope tokens, artists will soon have the ability to get amazing services for free or discounted for posting. For example if an artist collect 500 tokens they could earn 5 hours of free studio time or with 1000 tokens a film maker could get their film in a theater for 3 days. All for posting dope content.

Fans who are looking for talented artists who value genuine fan support are solved with Underground App. Fans will soon receive two dope tokens when they create a profile. They can give one token to any artist they think is dope. This allows that artist to help advance their career. Underground also allow fans to find new artists on the go. Because Underground's feed changes based on the fan's location, fans can find new artists whether they are moving around their city or around the country.


Top Features

Locate Artists

Underground makes it easy for fans to locate new artists. On Underground all a fan has to do is select a category then a genre. Finally, select a radius and when a fan opens their feed, they will only see posts from artists that match their genre and location.

Get Booked

Underground will have a get booked feature that allows venues or corporations to book artists directly from our app/site. When you create a profile, the get booked linked will appear at the top of your profile. (Coming Soon)

Connect with Fans

Underground is only for emerging artists, this makes it easier for artists to connect with fans. Artists that best match the fan's preference will appear in the fan's feed or recommendation reel.


Stay up to date on industry news. If you are a film maker find out how to get an investment in your project, or if you are a musician, get info on the streaming industry. On Underground you will only see news about film, comedy, spoken word and music, and only news that helps your career.

Get Music for Film

Attention film makers, how do you get music for your films? Post on social media and wait for a response, ask a friend or family member, or do it yourself? On Underground we make it incredibly simple to find musicians for your film. Select a genre and radius and find a musician that fits your needs.

Dope Tokens

When a fan signs up, they are issued 2 tokens. Fans can give one (1) token to any artist they think is dope. When an artist collects enough tokens, they can cash these tokens in for services in our marketplace. For example, 500 tokens could get you 5 hours of studio time. (Coming Soon)


Underground is for fans who are looking to find up-and-coming artists, support local artists or find performances in their area. Underground is also for artists (film, comedy, spoken word, music) looking to grow their fan base, get bookings and stay up to date on industry news. Underground was designed from the ground up to connect fans and artists in the easiest way possible. All a fan needs to do is select a category (film, comedy, spoken word, music) then select a genre and a radius. Now when that fan opens their feed, they will only see artists that match their preferences.

No, only artists in film, comedy, spoken word or music can post. Fans can not post, but fans have been given a much better option. Fans can give artists tokens that allow artists to build their careers. See Dope Tokens for more information.

As of right now only film makers, comedians, spoken word artists and musicians can post. We will add other categories in the future.

When an artist on Underground gets signed they can no longer post on our platform. We are developing programs that allow signed artists to contribute to the community, but because we are trying to build a level playing field, signed artists will not be allowed to post.

When a fan creates a profile, they will be issued two (2) dope tokens. They can give one token to any artist they think is dope. Artists can collect these tokens and cash them in on our marketplace. Our marketplace has services similar to this: 500 tokens for 5 hours of studio time - 1000 tokens for a 3-day rental of a theater - 700 tokens for a song to appear on a playlist for 1 week. These are just to name a few.

Underground was built from the ground up for emerging artists. It's designed to help fans easily find artists and help artists connect with fans. Outside of being only for emerging artists, Underground is the only platform that only allows artists to post. This allows artists posts to get more exposure than on other social media platforms. Underground is also the only social media platform that allows fans to easily find emerging artists on the go. This is done by allowing the fan to select a category (film, comedy, spoken word or music) and a genre for that category. After that, the fan would select a radius; let's say the fan selects 50 miles. Now when that fan moves around they will only see posts from artists that match their preferences within a 50-mile radius of wherever they are.


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